Lasting Impressions

“The most important part of this unit for me was being involved with nature and to respect nature and your surroundings, especially when it is your community.  What bothers me the most is how much kids are stuck to their screens and not to the outdoors, and this unit was a great chance to explore our community and nature.”  Willow McConchie

“This Marsh Project was very fun!  I learned so many things including history around the Marsh and the habitat of animals who live there.  The most important thing that I learned was about alewives and elvers, and their lifecycle.  Before we did this Marsh Project, I had never been heard the word “alewife” or “elver”.  I enjoyed going on our field trip to the Marsh.  It was really fun to explore the Marsh and the habitats of animals that life there.  I really enjoyed this unit!”  Addie McPhail

“I learned a lot about creating maps.  I enjoyed collaborating with my class to create something.”  Lute Campbell

“I liked learning how many old buildings are gone.  What I liked best about this project was being in the woods during school.” Adrien Williams

“My favorite part was walking around the Old Road.  The most interesting thing about the Marsh I learned about was what contour lines are and how they work and what a watershed is.”  Henry Weinand   

“I liked all of the adventures and field trips we went on.  It was fun when we went to the culvert and took a big class picture.  I learned that the broken egg that we found was a goose egg.”  Lilly Dyer

“My favorite part about the Marsh Project is when we went outside to the Marsh.  The most important things I learned were the watershed boundary and where it was.” Shaun Hopkins

“I liked that we got to go lots of places during the project.  I also learned more about iGIS and point and non-point source pollution.  Ella Wirkala

“My favorite part of this project was going out to the Marsh.  I learned what contour lines are and what watersheds are.”  Zele Miller

“ I liked this project because it involved mostly the outdoors and the history of the Marsh, which I’m very interested in.  I loved our Forest in a Jar(s), our big walk, and our iGIS work.”  Grace Yanz

“The Marsh Project was fun!  I like this project because we got to go outside and we got to learn things about the habitat and the history of the Marsh.  My favorite part was walking on the beaver dam.”  Mya Simmons

“My favorite part about this project was finding plants and animals at the Marsh.”  Madison Barbour

I learned what a watershed really is and the history around the Marsh.  My favorite part was the walks and going outside.”  Taylor Warrington

“The Marsh is an amazing place.  I loved learning about the plants and animals that thrived and struggled there as we walked through the forest.”  Maggie Gill

“I liked this project a lot.  It was a lot of fun outdoor work.  Walking the “Old Road” was my favorite part.  I learned the Marsh used to be two feet deeper.  The alewives could come into the Marsh because of the culvert.  The alewives are returning this year.”  Lydia  Myers

“I liked the project because I think it was fun to learn about the Marsh and the history and habitat around it.  I learned that there was an old road on Fogerty Corner.  I also learned that the Marsh ’s water level was two feet higher back then.  I never expected to learn stuff like that.”  Gwen Miller

“My favorite part of this was the alewife part and when my cousin Lyle came and he brought alewives.”  Breannah Morris

“The most important thing I learned was about all the habitat and people around the Marsh.  My favorite thing that we did was learn about the Hermit.”  Jack Ewell

“My favorite part of this project was going outside and exploring nature.  The most important thing I learned is what a watershed is and how big the Marsh is.”  James Cody

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