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The Marsh and the surrounding land have a story to tell. Let’s find out this story and how we can tell it to others!


Where does the water that eventually flows into Marsh “start”?  What wildlife would we find in the beaver flowage that is “above” the dam at the head of the Marsh?  How much land is flooded by the beavers?  What insects and microscopic life are swimming in the marsh?  Would you like to set up an aquarium with pond critters; who they are and what role they play?

How do “fish” that live in the ocean, like smelt, alewives and elvers use the marsh?  What connections do these species have with other wildlife and to humans?

Did you know “the hermit” used to live in a kind of camp along the shore of the Marsh?  What are other ways people have had and continue to have connections with the Marsh?

Would you like to find salamanders, look for bugs and dig through the soil?  Take apart a rotten log?  Would you like to learn to identify common trees and plants we find in the woods? Would you like to create your own “forest in a jar”?

Would you like to conduct water chemistry tests with digital field equipment?  Would you like to learn the story of an underground gasoline tank that leaked into peoples’ well water and how the town responded?  All of these questions are a part of the story we can tell!

We’ll be talking with people, and going outside to find our story, to find our answers.  You’ll be able to use a GPS unit and create “tracks” of where we go and mark “waypoints” for special places and things that we find.  We’ll be making a map as a way to tell the story.  Our map will be one of a kind!  It’s going to be quite a story!

The Watershed Project!!