Pulling the Data Card and OUR FIRST DATA!



Bryson programmed the probe to collect data every 20 minutes (calculated via milliseconds!) and our first analysis is for the first date and time stamp of each new day.  For that first data collection that day, we also used the US Harbors, Tenants Harbor tide chart and added the time of the “nearest” time of high tide to the table of Maker Space Probe data.  What we mean by the “time of nearest high tide” is the time of the high tide that was closest to that first data point occurring just after midnight.  Sometimes, it is the previous high tide, if that high tide occurred after 6 pm the day before.  We also recorded the date of that high tide, and the height of that tide.  We can continue to display it in different ways; for example, we could graphically represent the varying height of the tide in comparison to the varying salinity.  Then we are going to see what kind of claims this evidence can support as we look for patterns.


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